Sunday, February 28, 2010

Will's Baptism

This weekend was beautiful in Dallas!! We celebrated Will's baptism with great friends and family. We love our nephew so much and can't wait to see him next! Our weekend started off with a fabulous crawfish boil at the Morris' house. Charlie and I were so excited to have Will's OTHER Aunt Lindsay and Uncle Mitch Hyatt stay at our house for all of the festivities. We love Lindsay and Mitch and can't wait to meet up with them again soon on the East or West coast!! On Sunday Will was a trooper though the whole service and didn't make a peep! After church everyone came over to the Morris' house for a delicious brunch. Here are a few pics from our fun weekend with Will!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Baby Shower Fun!

On Friday night we celebrated the birth of Jack Henry Schneider!! The first grade teachers at St. Thomas threw Lauren and baby Jack Henry a great party at our house. Lot's of great food, Society Bakery cupcakes, good wine and great friends made it a perfect night! Here are a few pics from the party! Congrats Lauren and Keith!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

My 2 Valentines

This Valentines weekend has been quite eventful. It all started with a snow day on Friday, NO SCHOOL!!!!!! Charlie and I started our normal weekend routine early of cleaning the house from top to bottom. Luckily we had power all weekend. Dallas received over 12 inches of snow so most people in our area were without power and are STILL trying to get it back! One of my great friends from work Lauren and her husband Keith just had a baby boy on February 1st. Baby Jack Henry is still in the NICU but doing great! Lauren and Keith did not have power at their house so they came to ours for the night. We spent the night cooking and sipping wine. It was great catching up with Lauren since she has been gone from St. Thomas. We can't wait to come visit Jack Henry again soon!

Saturday morning Charlie and I went to one of our favorite breakfast spots for breakfast. Not only were we there at 9am on a Saturday with all the other early risers we see Carlin and Charles Morris there (My in laws). As we were walking in I asked Charlie if we were turning into his parents? Charlie said yes! So we joined Carlin and Charles for a great Goldrush kinda breakfast. I am so lucky to have such wonderful in-laws. I truly enjoy spending so much time with them,

After a great breakfast we hit up Northpark. Little did we know the mall was packed because of All Stars weekend. Everyone was there to see Dirk! We left Northpark with 2 new Wii games and headed straight home to play them......ALL DAY LONG!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday night Charlie and I went to Park to have a few Valentine drinks! Yummy! It was a great way to spend Valentines 2010 with my one and only!

Today we woke up, I made Belgian waffles loaded with syrup along with a hot pot of coffee. C and I plan to cook lobster tail and scallops for dinner tonight! I have failed to mention Jack throughout this whole post, crazy I know! Granny C gave Jack his very own Valentine this year!!! He looks so handsome in his new bandanna! Thanks Granny C!

I wish everyone a happy Valentines Day 2010! I am so lucky to have my 2 Valentines, Charlie and Jack! Cheers!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mrs. Morris's First Grade Class

One of my most fun days yet as a first grade teacher at St. Thomas Catholic School!!

Jackson The Snow Dog...

I have been hearing about this blog for weeks and I think it's about time that I get my chance to post a story about my day...That's right, it's Jackson's turn!
My parent's have been pretty good about blogging about our recent activities, but there is no way their activities outside of this house (I still don't know where they go every day) could be any more fun than what we did today in the backyard.
When we woke up this morning, Dad let me outside to go to the restroom before my breakfast. But unlike normal when I run out and then straight back in to eat that Yummy food, I found myself running around like a mad man. It was cold white stuff that I have not been around for about a year now. Then it hit me, this is that Snow stuff I last saw when I was in Taos with my parents and Granny C.

I thought that my parents were going to be forced to stay home with me because it was too slick to drive so I went in for my breakfast to boost my energy for a fun morning playing in the snow. But my parents went through their typical morning routine and I was all by myself by 7:00 AM...

All day long, I sat there at my window waiting for my parent's to come home. It was Torture! The snow just kept getting deeper and I kept seeing all of the the other neighborhood dogs playing with their owners.

Finally, my mom got home and my dad actually got home earlier than normal. The words "Outside" have never sounded so Sweet!

I have never had so much fun playing in the backyard. Dad and I wrestled around a lot and I really showed him who the master of the house is these days! Then we through the ball and it kept getting buried in the soft snow. Don't you worry, I am a natural when it comes to digging through the snow to find things. I think I may have a future with an Avalanche Search & Rescue Team. But there is only one problem, that would mean I have to move away from my parents to go to the mountains because this will probably not happen again anytime soon in Dallas.

Oh well, I guess I will have to enjoy it while it lasts...On that note, I have to get back out there and roll around some more before it's gone.
I will try to catch everyone up through my parent's blog again sometime soon, but something tells me it will be quite a long time till I have this much fun again.

Until next time,
Action Jackson

Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekend Fun!

This weekend Charlie and I enjoyed a lot of down time as well as a fun night out on Saturday with great friends and of course the Super bowl on Sunday! Every school year at this point in the year I get summer fever!!! I love my first graders dearly but when it's time, it's time. I have 3 months left in the school year and WOW, I can smell the Chlorine already!! So with that being said I love my weekends with my husband and dog that fly by way too fast. On Friday Charlie and I ordered in Chinese and were in bed lights out by 10:00pm. I was up on Saturday at 8am ready to take on White Rock Lake for a 9 mile bike ride with my dad!! My dad used to ride bikes with me when I was growing up in Ft.Worth. We used to ride the Trinity Trail to the Pancake House and treat ourselves to a well deserved stack of buttermilk pancakes loaded with syrup! It is extra special for dad to make the 45 minute trip to Dallas every so often to ride bikes with me.

On Saturday night Charlie and I joined our great friends Ariel and Joe for wine at Times Ten Cellars, one of our favorite spots! It was great to catch up and hear all the new wedding plans! We look forward to Ariel and Joe's wedding on April 24th! They will make a beautiful bride and groom and we can't wait to help them celebrate the wonderful occasion!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Grown ups.....or not?

For the past month and a half I have made myself a promise and to my surprise I've kept it! I made the hard promise to stop eating like a 5 year old and start eating like a grown up. Shocking I know. Being married for a little over a year and a half now I have realized that a quick grilled cheese with packaged sharp cheddar slices, 2 slices not just 1 will not cut it! Or maybe it won't cut it because my husband reminds me often that he needs, "MEAT!!!" So every Sunday I make the trip to the Kroger by our house and head straight to the produce section. My weekly purchase consists of fresh green beans, asparagus, salad, organic apples (expensive), and boneless skinless chicken breast. BOOOORRRRIIIINNGGG!!!! To my surprise I can prepare a mean dinner for me and Charlie in just 20 short minutes! Please make note of the abundant amount of cheese and butter spread over the asparagus in the pic, oops. Now, the reason I question our grown up status is because Charlie and I recently received a Wii for Christmas this year! Super exciting! It has taken over our night life! Charlie and I find ourselves eating dinner then slipping on our wristbands and starting up the games! My personal favorite is Wii tennis! I have a mean serve and can put up strong competition against Charlie. We quickly realized that we need to alternate nights that we play the Wii due to my stiff serve is mean I tell ya!!!