Saturday, January 22, 2011

Furry Helpers

Jack and Jenny helping mommy at work!

Jennifer's 32nd Birthday

Jennifer turned 32 this month! We celebrated at the Leach house to help Jennifer ring in year 32!

Friday, January 7, 2011

22 sounds so good!

Christmas and the new year came and went in a flash and here I am back busy at work along with tending to 2 dogs who were exposed to Kennel Cough while being boarded while we were out of town over the break. Joy, Joy, Joy! Minus the craziness of getting back into my routine I have been thinking lately about all that I am thankful for. Most of all I am thankful to have Amanda back in my classroom as of this week! Amanda was diagnosed with a brain tumor back in November. Not only is she thriving in the classroom each day, she shows up to school everyday with a huge smile on her face that so many people are so happy to see! It never felt so good to say "22" after being asked, "Mrs. Morris how many kids do you have in your class?" Welcome back Amanda. We missed you!