Sunday, March 28, 2010

We Live for the Weekends!

This weekend was super fun! Friday night we went to dinner with my in-laws and then went to see Michael Hearne sing! Michael Hearne is a singer out of Taos New Mexico who we have the pleasure of seeing when we are out in Taos! He was great as always. On Saturday night Charlie and I enjoyed a great evening with Meagan and Campbell at their cocktail party at the Petroleum Club. It was super fun to hang with the soon to be married couple! We look forward to their wedding in April! Sunday I had brunch with my great friend Elizabeth Bayer at Lemmon Bar. We soaked up the sun on the patio and talked for hours! Oh how we love our Dallas weekends!

First Time for Everything

So a few weekends ago I was out to brunch with my good friend Erica while Charlie stayed home and spent the morning with our dog Jack at our neighborhood park. This park is not closed in and is basically surrounded by busy streets. While I was at brunch Charlie continued to send me text pictures of Jack at the park OFF THE LEASH!!! You see this is a BIG no no!! We always keep Jack on the leash not only for the safety of our dog but for the safety of other dogs as well. Oh geeez, I did NOT like this one! On my way home Charlie assured me that Jack was on his best behavior with the other dogs and even took part in a little game of fetch with his new furry friends. So this weekend I decided that I would take part in this new adventure. I had sweaty palms as we were walking to the park near our house. The thought of Jack getting too rough with another dog or him darting off into the street would not exit my mind! When we arrived at the park there were 2 tiny but VERY fast chihuahuas.....OFF their leashes! Jack and the squirrel like pups were fast friends or so I like to think so. I felt like a mom dropping her 5 year old off at Kindergarten for the first time . You're excited yet sad and scared at the same time! All in all Jack is like our very own baby who we love dearly! Jack was such a big boy and had the time of his life at the park this weekend despite a very nervous and overprotective mom!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Break - Break Down

I must say that Spring Break 2010 has been super fun! After a fun week I am ready to get back in the classroom and greet my 22 1st grade darlings on Monday! Here is a break down of my week.

Saturday- Ran the 5K with Sally, drank one green beer afterwards to honor St. Patty's Day in Dallas.

Sunday- Lazy day with the husband, dinner at the Morris' house which consisted of delicious Chicken breast, corn on the cob and Thin Mints!!

Monday- Ran 3 miles, cleaned the house, took a 2 hour nap!

Tuesday- Took Jack on a long walk, brunch with Kiley, ran errands, took a nap!

Wednesday- Rented a limo with 3 girlfriends, toured the Grapevine wineries!

Thursday- My great college friend Emily came in town to visit! Dinner at Park that night.

Friday- Cooked a big breakfast with Em, Shopped all day at North Park, met up with Erica for more shopping, had friends over to our house for Erica's birthday, went to the Joule Hotel to celebrate Erica's birthday.

Saturday- Breakfast with Em and Charlie at our 2nd favorite breakfast place John's Cafe, hugged Em goodbye til next time, went to work for 2 hours, Dodi's with Charlie for dinner!


Me and Sally getting ready to run!

Katie, Me, Holly and Kelly at the wineries!

Happy Birthday Erica!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I Am

I AM – Lindsay Morris, A wife, A daughter, A sister, A 1st grade Teacher

I HAVE – More than I could ever ask for

I WISH – for happiness and health for the rest of my life

I WANT – to be more involved in my community (just joined Junior League and Promise House of Dallas……working on it)

I FEAR – Snakes

I HEAR – 6 year old kids all day long and I miss it when I don’t hear them

I WONDER – If I will have a boy or a girl when we decide to have children?

I REGRET – Nothing, I a pleased at who I have become , maybe I would have done a few things over again but for the most part I am a very happy person who was blessed with a great upbringing.

I LOVE – everything that I have in my life, most importantly Charlie

I ALWAYS – clean our house, it is so hard to keep clean with a black hairy dog

I USUALLY – leave our house at 6:45am in order to get ready for my first graders

I AM NOT – a night person during the week, I love bed time!!

I SING – whenever I get the chance, mostly to Charlie…he loves it!!

I RARELY –eat something that doesn’t include cheese!

I NEVER – try to be something that I am not

I CRY- when I watch movies where animals die or when something sentimental happens

I AM NOT ALWAYS- as close to God as I would like to be

I NEED – Luby’s cafeteria at least once a week!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Haute South! St. Thomas Auction

This weekend was the St. Thomas Auction Haute South! All of us left our husbands at home and had a great girls night out at Union Station down town for the event! It was so fun mingling with our student's parents and exchanging funny stories! I am so lucky to be apart of such a wonderful school. It's a great feeling to wake up everyday and want to go to work! I work with great people, wonderful families and super fun kids! STA all the way!!!!!!!!