Monday, April 26, 2010

Wedding Season in Full Force

Charlie and I had a great weekend full of friends, family and WEDDINGS!! I just love going to weddings. I used to never cry at weddings but ever since my own almost 2 years ago I cry at every single one! We were so lucky to be able to attend 2 weddings on Saturday. The 1st wedding was a beautiful outdoor wedding at the old historic Aldredge House on Swiss Avenue. Ariel and Joe Kidwell tied the knot on what couldn't have been a more beautiful day in Dallas! Ariel and Joe make a fabulous couple and we are so blessed to call them our dear friends. Saturday night our great friends Meagan and Campbell Henry were married at Christ the King which was followed by an amazing reception at the Crescent Hotel downtown Dallas. Charlie and I enjoyed dancing the night away and eating our second round of wedding cake for the day!! After all, "All You Need is Love!!"

Ariel and Joseph Kidwell

The Aldredge House

Ariel and Joe

Meagan and Campbell Henry

Meagan's beautiful cake
Meagan and Campbell's reception