Friday, January 29, 2010

What this blog is really about.......

So before starting this blog I put a lot of thought into how it would all play out. My only worry was that it would turn into what I really in all honesty wanted to blog about. Drum roll please........JACK!!! A year ago in December Charlie and I fell in love and bought a dog on clearance only because he is not a REAL lab, please. Jack has all of the fabulous characteristics if not more than any REAL lab I know. Jack was 1 year old when we brought him home. He was found by lab rescue in the heat of the summer tied to a fire hydrant!! Who in their right mind??!!!! Low and behold his foster family named him Fireplug.......horrible!! Charlie and I could not picture ourselves yelling, "No Fireplug, come here Fireplug." We quickly changed his name to Jack, the perfect name for the perfect dog! Jack has been apart of our family for a little over a year now and we love him more and more each day. Sometimes when Charlie doesn't think I am listening I can her him talking to Jack as if he were a real human, I love it!! Here are a few of Jack's favorite things in life:
1.boiled peanuts from south Georgia (Thanks G-ma Mac)
2.chicken, the dark meat only
3.Lamby, his stuffed life size lamb
4.Charlie's black dress socks (bad Jack)
5.walks around White Rock Lake along with a short stop at the dog park
6.TCBY drive through window
7.Taos!!! (Thanks grandpa Charles for allowing Jack to come out) room window
10.playing with my parent's dogs, Emma and Sam
11.our nephew Will Hyatt (We can't wait to see you guys in one month!!!)
I promise we do not have a fat dog. Everything in moderation! Speaking of moderation I believe this is my longest blog post yet and it is all about Jack!!! This is what I was afraid of!! We are now those "Crazy dog people!!" More updates soon! L + C + Jack = LOVE!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Jimmy Lafave is my fave

My Thursday night this week was pretty eventful. I know what your thinking. Anyone who knows me and knows me well knows that on "School Nights" I am in bed, lights out and retainers in by 8:30pm. Well not this Thursday! My great friend Elizabeth Bayer invited me to one of her first graders dad's house, or should I say estate for an evening of drinks, food, and live entertainment provided by The Jimmy Lafave band! I highly suggest Youtubing him if you like good ole Texas country! He is my new favorite local Texas band. All in all it was a great "School Night!!" What can I say "You can take a girl out of Ft. Worth but you can't take the Ft. Worth out of a girl." Til next time, peace love and Honky Tonk!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Finally Hooked......

Well, here goes, I am an official Blogger! After much thought and investigating (stalking) other friends of friends and families blogs I have decided to create one of my own, or should I say our own! I think I have little or actually major catching up to do since so much time has already passed in our exciting year and a half of marriage! Here I go. Charlie and I met through a mutual friend, Kiley! Kiley grew up down the street in Lakewood from Charlie, a dear and outgoing friend that I can only be so grateful for to say the least. After 12 great yet WILD as I like to call it years in DISD Charlie ventured off to The University of Virginia! I on the other hand headed west to the great town of Lubbock, GO RED RAIDERS! At Tech I pledged Pi Phi and spotted a cute, smart, outspoken gal on my bid day bus named Kiley Crabb. Kiley always mentioned her great guy friend Charlie from growing up but I never really made the trip out to D town to meet him. After graduating from Tech we were 22 and ready to let loose and have some fun. I moved back to Ft. Worth and Charlie moved back to Dallas. To make a long story longer I met Charlie out one night and it was history from there! We had my dream wedding on July 12th 2008 in Ft. Worth where we celebrated with wonderful friends and family, a night I will never forget! We live in Dallas in a cozy white house with squeaky wood floors and original glass door knobs from the 30's. It couldn't be better in my eyes! I hope you enjoy our journey as much as I have already. Here's to blogging in 2010!