Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Before you start reading I am going to issue a TMI warning.  I assume that most of my readers are female but just in case they aren't you can't say I didn't warn you. Moving into my 26th week of pregnancy I have been complaining that my bra is just too tight and uncomfortable!  I can't stand it!  Each day I find myself releasing the ever so obnoxious death grip from around my upper torso area and throwing it on the coffee table.  Charlie doesn't understand why I can't remember where I have left my bra when I go to put it on in the mornings.  I quickly realize that it is on the living room coffee table where I made that feel good release the day before, ugh. SO, I decided 6 months in to this pregnancy that I would go buy a new bra! I go to Dillards where a very nice lady approaches me and asks if I need help.  The word "help" music to my ears. She quickly guides me to the dressing room where she will measure me.  We go into the dressing room together and she asks me to take my dress off.  My first concern is trying to remember what panties I have on.....oh dear.  The dress comes off and yep there they are the size large extra coverage granny panties that I purchased a while back due to the ghetto fabulousness that keeps growing from behind. Her first response when she sees my current bra is, "Oh bless your heart honey." The very sweet lady takes my measurements and heads off to the floor to find my perfect bra.  She comes back in a flash with a 32 DOUBLE D!!!!!!! My jaw drops. I knew they had grown but this was a HUGE mistake.  The very sweet lady assured me that her measurements were correct.  2 bras and 100 dollars later I walk out with the word, "Double D" ringing in my head.  As soon as I got home I slapped one of those bras on and became a new woman!